Thursday, December 24, 2009

Woooff woofff WOooff

A dogie lick my face this morning,
by wishing me a very Merry Christmas.
I sending back a mug of my wishes,
Blessing her master forever happily.
The chain of our friendship is strong & ever.
Like a xmas tree stand still in the winter time.
Keep growing & growing..

Thanks Yuki
Merry warming Christmas to you
& your family

Wanna know my mood? Look at my style, it will tell..

24th December 2009. Here is the night. Is eve, x'mas eve.. whats your plan? I gonna have a dinner with William at Alexis. (but haven't book yet). Too many plan in my head, by end up nothing. lol. Enjoy the night no matter where ya~ hug you all.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thanks for the GIFT

sms tone beep..
is Brand.
He is in front of my office.
Gave me a card & a nice wrapping present.
Knowing you've been searching up & down
just for a bangle that can fit my thin wrist.
Will keep it always with me.
Thanks there~
Hope the Norah Jones's CD will accompany you
when your in alone.

Surprise Christmas Pressie

Surprise Surprise Surprise..
Today full of it,
Santa Bear pop our from a box,
A box that full of choco,
and cupcake.
Appreciate in heart,
The cute bear just like you with a blush.
Everything in the box is all my favourite.
You noted it in heart
I note you too.
Thanks Chris.

What can make you a smile, when you're down..

This morning not in a good mood,
Chat with her always comfort me.
Tik Tok.. Tik Tok..
Ruin my working day,
Came back from lunch by a lazying walk step,
Reception hand me a box,
A box with a cup of Tiramisu & a smiling card,
with a name below
Honey, you always here for me.
I will smile,
just because i have you.

Thanks Carl~

Carl, received your lovely x'mas card far aways from Japan. A blessing from me to you & Satoko. Are you receive mine's?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Exchange Day

2009's Christmas exchange day.
Headache bout choosing the pressie. Cause we have 2 guys in our family.
But I'm sure they like girl's stuff too. lol..
Merry Christmas Dear All~
A white X'mas tree this year. Isn't look sparkling?

Hi Santa
Celine & me

A small present from me to the lucky one.

I'm so much glad to draw for Rachael's present. Thanks Rachael~
A lovely bear with a full mug of choco.
Zoe got mine's
4 different floral scent shower gel from Mark & Spencer.
You gonna luv it ya.
Celine, again a glass. Last year she also draw a mug. lol
Lee Wee got a pretty table lamp.
He's the funniest one. A Fur bag from Peksi. Anderson, you deserve it.
Designer department
Everyone sure gonna like their pressie much ya. No complaint, happy with it.
Merry kiss mas all.

I got a present far away from there.

This morning, while we're happening snapping photo in office. Reception call up my ext.
Saying I got a courier mail. Hmm.. wondering who will sending me by courier.
Is Bok.
He was back to Penang for his long holiday.
Thanks for the card and a cute bracelet.
You say the Eiffel tower is to wish I can travel happily,
Shoes & bag is hope that I can shop always. lol
A bless that cross over the sea to me.
Merry Christmas to you my dear friend.
May you will hit all your goal.

A present for YOU

Honey~ this is for you.

Wanna know my mood? Look at my style, it will tell..

22nd December 2009. Present exchange day in office. Today's breakfast is yummy.. Thanks babe~

Monday, December 21, 2009


Ever since Mica is gave back to Dr. Chong. I had bought Marsh a Pomeranian as my third pet. 2 months ago. Saw this small cutie pie. She is really in mini size among the toy poodle I've been search.
Stay mini ya~

Mini's new cage

Get Mini's a new cage. Putting a toilet bowl inside, guess what.. she got a pee in there. Happy me.
Cause she never pee in her cage. She will only pee here and there in the living room. She is now 4 month+. Still look in petite size. Please stop growing ya Mini.. I wanna you to be a really toy poodle. :)

Wanna know my mood? Look at my style, it will tell..

21st December 2009. A great outfit + Good news = Wonderfull day.
Beret (zara). Leather jacket (massimo dutti). Baggy denim (pull & bear).

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

X'mas Wish List

Juicy Couture's fleece pump. (guess Malaysia haven't sell yet)

Christmas cake - Delectable
Christmas card - Just puppies

My simple wish list :)

What's yours?

Wear This Weekend

Party's week. Make your self dazzling at the night by matching the accessories in gold. Never less of a flowing dress. Let's party~

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wanna know my mood? Look at my style, it will tell..

15th December 2009. Recover from sick. Tunic (tee-too sunway asia avenue). Skull flat (doodle-sunway asia avenue). Lately, luv to shop at sunway top floor Asia avenue. Nice thing in nice price.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Luv Floral lately~

The casing can be change in others colour. Sensor music button for convenience song listening.

Lovely piggy . (be) cute ya~
Sold my touch screen Samsung M8800. Cause i fallen into this phone. Sony Ericsson M 508. See~ the pretty floral casing. But the keypad making my finger pain, need to press harder. lol

Wanna know my mood? Look at my style, it will tell..

8th December 2009. Recover from a serious migraine. I gonna take extra good care of myself. Woke up with a damn puffy eyes. aii~ anyhow, hoping everyone in a good mood while view my blog.
Inner blouse (shibuya-sunway). Khaki Capri (gap). wash-out denim jacket (topshop).

Friday, December 4, 2009

Wear This Weekend

Warming in style. All is the basic in wardorbe. Grab a furly vest for this winter.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wanna know my mood? Look at my style, it will tell..

2nd December 2009. Gonna start to think of the x'mas list for my dear friends...
Inner spaghetti top (gap). Skirt (forever 21). Long cardigan (club monaco).

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

3.1 Phillip Lim - Resort 2009

Resort 2009 collection - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Luv the casual yet styling mix & match.
Must have list:
1) Tapered pant
2) Long cardigan
3) Shirt dress
5) Floral dress
4) Belt

Wanna know my mood? Look at my style, it will tell..

1st December 2009. Is X'mas month. Gonna have a good mood for the last month of 2009.
Furly vest (mng). Tee (salabianca). Capri pants (gap).

Monday, November 30, 2009

Tokyo with Jing

Bought her new realease book at Kinokuniya. A journey bout her at Japan. Lotsa nice pic.. :)
One of my x'mas present in list.

Wanna know my mood? Look at my style, it will tell..

30th November 2009. Checked shirt dress (pull & bear). Boots (dr.martens-hk).
Year end soon...