Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Only 'U' rucksack

Only 'U' rucksack

You will need: a plain rucksack (lots of space for customising needed!), gaffer tape, fabric pens, used crisp
packets, wool, ribbon, scissors, Super Glue, patches/badges/stick on jewels/keyrings.

                                                                                            Step 1:
Sew on your patches in a haphazard way. Mix it up with fun cartoon characters, bands and slogans.

Step 2: Go mad with the markers – we tried paisley, but spots and stripes are also easy to do. Score extra fashion
kudos with a personalised monogram. Ch’ching!
Step 3: Time to get crafty with pompoms. Cut two circles of card, leaving a hole in the middle, place the two
together and then push your wool through the centre of the card's hole, tightly winding all the way
around the circle. When you can no longer push your wool through the hole, take your scissors and
insert them between your two pieces of card, cutting all the way around. To secure your pompom take
a separate length of wool and tie it between the two pieces of card.
Fluff out, and voilĂ  - pompoms! Make as many as you like using different colours and randomly sew onto
the rucksack.

 Step 4:
Plait some ribbons to use as a friendship bracelet-style trim.

Step 5:
Now for the crisp packets: make a small hole in a wrapper, then place on foil and shrink in the oven using a low heat. Attach them to your bag with a keyring, along with chains, jewels, toys and anything else fun.

Step 6:
Finito: the ultimate conversational festival accessory!