Friday, January 29, 2010

Wanna know my mood? Look at my style, it will tell..

29th January 2010. Feeling hard to wait till weekend. This Sunday gonna have Shooting again. :(
Tonight gonna celebrate Chris birthday at Opera.
Happy earlier b'day babe
~Live life to the fullest~
~ May all your dreams come true~

Leopard Flat - Topshop

Bought this leopard flat yesterday at Topshop RM173.

My face look so round. OOO

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple Tablet

wish to have one of this tablet?

Apple Tablet

Melted Mi~

See who I found this time. A strawberry with condense milk flavour's caramel corn. Another limited flavour.

Wanna know my mood? Look at my style, it will tell..

27th January 2010. Bonus time!!! Thanks to Sharon . Guess everybody is happy with it. We will gambateh ahead his year.

Luv this peice of flower necklace. (fvr 21)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wanna know my mood? Look at style, it will tell..

26th January 2010. Bringing a cherish mood to work. Later work, I gonna have a shopping with Chris.
Melange sweater (topshop). Black Denim (fvr 21).

Monday, January 25, 2010

Shooting day at Fullhouse

This is part of my job scoop. Shooting.. is fun I can said. Even is tired. Lotsa preparation work gonna do. Model & location searching, fitting, mix & match etc.. Luckily A&P, VM department is back up us.
Early 8am, we all gather at Full house Jln Yap Kwan Seng for the 2010 Spring/Summer shooting.

Garments for the shooting. Grouping up by lil model's name.

Kim is helping us to steam it. Our new join co-mate. She is petite & cute. Guess she don't like the cute word. ha

Make up by pro team. Previous shooting make up is done by us - designer team. Now hire a make up artist to do it..

Mette looking in dream ya.

Hair do for her.

Everything had been set up when the lil model doing their preparation. Final touch up..

Vic 's posing to get a better angle.
Heard that the reflection board (don't know the actual name) gonna cost bout RM 500.
Celine with the donut. Guys looks cool ya~
Cup cake!! Yes, but it just a fake props. Is a container. Is cute, can put in accessories like ring..
Wish I can have one too~
Mette's daddy read her story when she is resting.
Smile Smile Smile
Photo viewing after every scene.
What am i doing there?
Look fresh~
Sometimes is hard to control bunch of them..
Morning tea break for everyone.
with Tuna & egg sandwich
a can of Sprite.
Arr~ Lunch set.
Continue shooting after meal. I luv this snap, feeling coziness.
This too..
Paquerette (Praket pronounce as)
Mette had a slip from the stool. Luckily she's ok after daddy's hug.
I never see this slim packaging of Double Decker. Long time I never eat junk food.
Ha! Seaweed stick on his lips neh.
Got you in naked.
Aden or Keanne? They are twin.
Cleophee look pretty on this dress. Exactly the feel I want too.
Mommy trying to chill them up.
Exciting to waiting the outcome for this time shooting. I'm sure Vic gonna show us his pro.
BUT, I'm not gonna post up those pic before it show up on our boutique.
Is P&C ya.
Have a peek at Poney boutique after CNY.

Thanks again for all the effort from you guys.