Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Red Wine Is my favourite now

Knit - Hong Kong
Long Skirt - Zara
Blucher - Topshop
Bag - Emilio Pucci

This is the bag I bought that day. (Sunway Asia Avenue RM 150)
Luv the Red Wine Color. Fall/Winter new in tone.

She is mine~

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Care Bears

My childhood favorite cartoon - Care Bears

Vicky's new dress

Vicky need a summer dress.

I sew it with my used dress and make her a long summer dress.

She playing happily at my garden.

This is the first pic i got to snap her..

in next sec....

she dropped into the pond.

and I yell.......

Bring her in and blow her dry.

Then continue shooting for her...


I'm enjoying the summer breezing..

I luv the big bow on my head.

End of Blooming..

Dress - F block

Tote bag - unbranded

Sneaker - Paul Frank

Think too much ...

Sitting alone at Starbucks with a bottle of Orange juice and doing some posting.
I'm jobless again...


Doesn't mean I'm lazy,
Doesn't mean I have no goal in mind,
And it doesn't mean again.
I don't wish to spend time doing those things that I don't like.
Work suppose to be enjoy,
I work for passion, this is the thing I'm always proud of myself.

Met up my dear friend last few days.
We been chatted bout LIFE, FRIENDS..
We have a same mind set,
Not willing just doing the same thing in ordinary.
We wish to live life to the fullest.
We need support from friends, a sincere friends.
No jealousy but envy,
No criticizing but suggestion,
No purpose but pure.

She said: our mind had been polluted. I agreed..
Why love can't be just L.O.V.E
Since when the pure love mix in with suspicion, unfaithful..
Can't we rewind back to the purest of us?
Lol.. I think I'm too free to think a lot.

Miss you all my friends.
Only for my sincere friends.
Will it be you?

Share her online boutique:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blythe Doll - Very Vicky

Bought my First Blythe Doll - Very Vicky.

Luv her long brown hair,

her mole under eyes,

her vintage laces dress.

Luv she bling her eyes & change to others color

like bling my mood to be good.

Just Luv her in the first sight,

like I met you.

Vicky: Happy Sweet Birthday To You Lys.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dearly Me~

Blouse - Bangkok

Pants - Forever 21

Belt - Topshop

Shoes - Topshop

Bag - Louis Vuitton

Alma BB

Do you luv MINI stuff?

Teacup Poodle instead of Toys Poodle?

Mini Cooper instead of Hammer?

Smurfs instead of Transformer?

BB Playbook instead of Ipad..

If you luv those Mini stuff, I'm sure you gonna fall in Luv with this








Alma BB

A smaller version of Alma. Can be chic or elegant to both day and evening.

It's come with a removable shoulder strap.

Here's my Baby Alma. With my name on. :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Simple is Nice?

Today gonna attend a briefing at department store after lunch.

They request us to wear Black & White.

Black & White? Is not so me..

I wanna add something in for sure.

Simple is Nice provided with something outstanding.

Luv the newly bought hair clip.

:) :) :)

Shop for Accessories

I luv to shop accessories.

This is what I found at F Block yesterday before my Gym session.

And together with the hair clip I'm wearing today.

Pearl bracelet - RM 19

Necklace - RM 19

Retro Earring - RM 10

Small Hair Clip - RM 4

Ribbon Hair Clip (Wearing) - RM 19

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tassel around~

Top - Topshop

Flare Pants - Bangkok

Shoe - China

Tote Bag - Naraya Bangkok

Naraya bag is very famous in Bangkok. Now they even come up with collection wise.

Not just parsley floral but in striking color.

Luv the one Chris bought for me. Lime in color. Stand out in every piece I wear.

Tassel belt will be the great accessories on coming F/W.

Grab one now!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Retro + Laces

Scarf - Burberry

Blouse- Bangkok

Denim - Topshop

Flat- China

Bag - Bangkok

High waist denim is such a playful piece in wardrobe, no matter in long or short.

Luv the retro printed blouse I got in Bangkok.

Monday~not that blue anymore when many things come across.

Monday, May 9, 2011

MNG S/S 2011 Fashion Show

Received an INVITATION by MNG for the S/S 2011 fashion show

venue at Sunway Resort on 4th May.

They have buffet for some finger food to serving you.

The reception start at 6.30pm.

They have a photo snap for you and a goodies bag to be collect.

Been waiting after 1.45 hours.. only we go in for sitting. Phew~

Emcee of the night - Elaine Daly, she is always brilliant on stage.

Luv the col. combination for MNG on this session.

Silk floral dress fluffy in flowing.

This is the piece I owe too. Dress in retro style.

Finale of the show.

I only choose some of the photos to be share.

Cause I'm too concentrate on the stage :P

Good show at last.

Wish to see more?


In the goodies bag~

Friday, May 6, 2011

Dress-Dress Up

Dress - Unbranded

Cardigan - Forever 21

Bag - Louis Vuitton

Socks - MNG

Shoes - Nine West

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chanel Mademoiselle

She is the girl I luv after watching the Gossip girl.

Her style, her voice.

she is unique.

And now, She's on Chanel.

Karl Lagerfeld has chosen

Blake Lively,

(as Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip girl)

a rising star on the American movie scene,

as the official face of the 'Mademoiselle" handbag line.

Her spontaneity and fresh, youthful personality have

convinced Chanel that she is the right person to represent the house and this range of bags.

The launch of the 'Mademoiselle' campaign, photographed by Karl Langerfeld, is scheduled for the

mid march 2011.

Log on :

to find out more pretty Blake Lively

Bright bags

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Flower blooming

Dress - Mng newly

Shoe - Nine West

Bag - Gucci

My Playround Cafe Part 2

.. .. .. Continue from the previous post, here's come the Playground part 2. Enjoy!

Cutie handmade plush toys.

Long bar counter

Mushroom me.

Cozy cafe. We just luv it.
some suprisse waiting you at every corner.

Yuki & me

Snapping around..

and around..

Wash your hand with your own risk ya..


it might have some small creature there.. Lol

Here's come the meal we order.

I preffer butter rice with fried chicken. The fried chicken is CRISPY. Good..

Yuki's order - Butter rice with mint chicken.

Kinda special meal. The chicken mince and carrot are cover with cabbage

with mint sauce on top. Is soft and good smell.

Kam is vegitarian, so she ordered a pineapple fried rice.

I did't try cause my dish make me can't stop eating. :O

The food menu

The above we ordered is a set lunch.

Comes with drink, soup and pudding.

and is only cost




RM 9.90nett

What a GREAT deal.

We surely luv My Playground Cafe.

Craving for the crispy butter chicken now.. yum yum..

The add:

No 15 Jalan 3-39, Taman Miharja. Cheras

(opposite Viva home complex, last time was call UE3)


03-928 32626