Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wanna know my mood? Look at my style, it will tell..

26th May 2009. Must have item for this season. Highwaist skirt (zara). The waist line seem a bit loose for me, hope after wash & dyer will get shrinkage. lol. Luv the Black lace up heels (vincci). I bought it in mustard yellow as well.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Look! who has arrived.

The shoe box.

18th May 2009. My Whooga boot has arrived after my redang trip. How surprised, it was fast. Just took about 1 week. My dad was asked me : where you wanna wear it. Such hot weather. aiyo... I said: It will be warm when worn in cold weather, then in hot weather will feel cozy one , not going to sweat. Don't worry. keke..
But unfortunately there's some torn off thread. I need to sew it back. Wish to have another pair in metallic silver.

P/S: I'm so much tan in the pic.

Wanna know my mood? Look at my style, it will tell..

25th May 2009. Monday morning.. a bit lazying, so dress up myself in a formal look to boost up a working mood. (mng ruffle top)(Gallo highwaist Satin Skirt)

Break Out Nite~

23rd May 2009. Saturday night, after a full Korean dinner with my friend Kelvin. We headed to the Korean stage show which ticket had been bought 3 weeks ago. Although i been to kinda musical show before like Beauty & the Beast, Mamamia..
But this is totally different, the performer will actually get link and let audience participate with it. Before the show start, Kelvin told me that they gonna pick somebody up especially the front seat audience. He really frighten me up. Cause our seat is at the first row. I was pray GOD not to choose me. lol. LG do sponsor a 42" LCD TV for the lucky draw audience. How good~~
An instant box office hit in South Korea, this extreme dance comedy promises to entertain an audience of any age and culture. Since its 2007 opening show in Korea, Break Out has performed to international audiences in London, New York, Mumbai, Shanghai and Bangkok.
Break Out tells the tale of five clumsy convicts who long to taste the freedom that lies beyond the walls of prison. These five prisoners are inspired to plan a daring escape into the outside world when they received a mysterious and sacred text. The story is told in a form of a dance that adapts pre-existing dance moves and combines gymnastics, break dancing, yoga and martial arts moving to unparalleled DJ music – a performance as never before.
Break Out brings a new genre of entertainment that is refreshing with the B-Boy’s unimaginable free dance moves that pushes the limits of the body’s movements. Unlike other genres of dance, the moves are continuously changing and evolving allowing freedom of form that is refreshing and unimaginable. The hip-hop culture and influence in B-boying is apparent in the catchy movements of the dances, fashion styles and music, all of which are presented in Break Out.
Great news for penang's friends~
They gonna have 2 days show at Penang.
Date: 27th May & 28th May (Wednesday & Thursday)
Time: 8.30pm
Location: Dewan Sri Pinang
Surf it~
P/S. Thanks Kelvin for brought me to such great stage show. OPss and too bad i didn't bring my camera..

Friday, May 22, 2009

Wanna know my mood? Look at my style, it will tell..

22nd May 2009. Kitty day, meow~~ Luv the white Baby Terry jump suit from Juicy Couture. Looks clean on my tan complexion.

Marie the kitten..bought from Univesal Studio Japan.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Preciuos Redang Island.

Redang island' session on April till Jun. Most of my friends went for a sun tan trip. I was so lucky too have a bunch of friends (just 4 .lol.) along this trip. 14th-16th May 2009. My third times to Redang. Miss the white sandy beach, clear blue sea, nemo fishes & my diver's friend.

Our hotel-Laguna Beach Resort, the biggest in Redang. Nice food & lotsa entertainment. We sang k for 2 night after our dinner. brand & Janice can really sang well. (clap clap..)

Snorkel under the sea, the most relaxing. Feed lil fishes, baby shark, turtle..

Will be back~

Do protect our deep sea.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wanna know my mood? Look at my style, it will tell..

20th May 2009. Club monaco always have a pretty fit cutting. Checked shirt with tuck in short.(both club monaco). Luv the Marc Jacobs's style ribbon belt.(moca)


Melting in Heart

Birdie's icing cookies. So adorable, are you going to eat?

The truffle is just prefect, not too sweet. Melting in mouth.

Love to see something wonderful, this shop allocate in Garden shopping mall.
All the luxurycake are custom make. Price range from RM 500 above.
Gosh!! Chanel bag, what a dream cake for girl~~Envy Su have a creative hand & mind.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wanna know my mood? Loot at my style, it will tell..

18th MAy 2009. Call me hot chocalate. Back from redang with tanned complexion. Dyed a totaly black hair in col. That's my new look. Checked halter neck dress & ballet pump from Moca.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Wanna know my mood? Look at my style, it will tell..

11th May 2009. Luv this tapered linen pants. Can be really in relax mood or chic.

Big flower hair clip from Japan. Nice on hair on clothes on bag.

Arpartment's day

A very great Saturday morning, brought Marsh to grooming.
Had my lunch break at The curve's Apartment.

Minestones soup, delicious till i almost forgot to snap it. & the clam is good too, dip with the soft bread.
Just nice~
My favorite-Smoke salmon with white cheese.
My wonderful lunch.

Bought my new DS i. In black col. Will decorate it soon.

Marsh - sitting quietly beside me. Good boy~

Sunny saturday, wondefull break, lovely companion.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Bless Mica

Good News!!
Mica is get to sell off.
Hope his new owner is as kind as me.
Bless Mica.
(scroll down if you can't remember Mica)

Ugg Boots. Im awaiting~

This morning, purchase a pair of UGG pink boot. Included shipping cost RM 427.00.

The soft pink is so nice. Fall in luv again. (AGAIN??) Even the hito color is the camel brown.
Waiting for it ~~~~~

Wanna win a pair of UGG boot?
Click below~

Ugg Boots

Thursday, May 7, 2009


This noon, sudden think of draw myself a signature doll. After a few sketch, finally i got it.
A round face with sharp eyes n thin lips, puffy hair style, slim long hand and leg.
Will get improve of it. Hurray i did it.....

My co-mate Zoe and Lee Wee also show their passionate on it. Trying to help me..

P.S/: Will learn colour pencil or water col on it..

Wanna know my mood? Look at my style, it will tell..

7th May 2009. Another laid back day. Gonna rush out my drawing. cause ladies boss will be back from over sea tomorrow. I can do it! Oh, tonight will have a Korean food with friend near my house. Korean Village.

Luv the slogan.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I luv Her, Very Me.

Lately, luv to see Alexa's style. Very chic , very me. Crashing trendy & vintage, glam & street.
Ladies yet smart in the way.

Tiffany Keys

Window shop with my friend on last week, walked through T&Co, something catching my eyes.
A slim long silver chain with double keys on it. Like a magnetic..walked in and try it on.
Long time never have this feeling, luv in first sign. (always use this to discribe & always say long time never). Luv the actual size of the key, even my friend said is a bit bigger for me, but i luv those bold thing.
Mix and match the keys & chain to style you own. The above is the set i choosen my own. Very me. The gold vintage oval key is cost RM 3250. The silver cost RM 750. Silver chain cost RM 200. Total: RM 4250.
P.S/: Too costy for me. gonna save money to own it. Pls wait me.. my dear keys.

The Moment~

The moment we met;
A warm smiling face from you,
Is clearly floating in my mind.
The moment we crash;
From friend to honey,
Is the fate of us.
No gap in between,
Our friendship is unique,
Our sharing,
Our story,
We are both a good listener.
A great soul healing.
I said you are like the youngest time of me.
The stubbornness in a way,
The loyalty in love yet over use.
The optimistic through life.
You said you wanna be alike me
when you are at my age,
Dare to dream
& go for it.
you always have my bless,
dream your life
go for it.
I do hoping to see you
on archiving
all your dreams.
We will apart after this while.
Promise me, think of me often.
And i'll do so.
P.S/: Our wallpaper-create by her. Janice.


New from Nintendo - DS i
Selling at RM 1300 (Ikano's Price, May 2009)

With 0.3 pixel built in camera. More larger screen 3.25inch.
Send & receive photo in wireless mode.

Built in speaker & mic (which DS lite do have this also).
But DSi have a SD card slot to let us save songs, photo..

WIFI built in. Stay connected in every coverage area. Cool!

Surf it~

P.S/: Only came in Black & Sea Blue. Hmm, where is my favorite col?

Wanna know my mood? Look at my style, It will tell..

6th May 2009. Black boysize blazer with wash out through the vintage denim mid lenght skirt. Formal crash casual.. I luv to crash.

Rossie shoe from Mod (sunway Pyramid). Sweet n classic. Thanks Honey for choosing this col.
I Luv it..

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wanna know my mood? look at my style, It will tell..

5 May 2009. Cheeky sporty. Great mood for working day. Found a ruffles shorts pants at Ikano.
Easy to matching in whatever way. I bought in melange & black. 2 for RM50. Great deal!

3 May 2009. Fashion show at One U for the Spring Summer 2009's collection. Bravo!! See the melange ruffles shorts pants. just luv it.

My DIY hairband. Lycra fabric which from my too long sleep wear. Crystal shine spare button from Zara pc.