Monday, June 21, 2010

Sanrio x Dr.Martens

Sanrio 50th Anniversary surprise.

I luv the colorful one. What about you?

A noon at Solaris

We have outing on last Thursday. A seminar at MATREADE.“FASHION INDUSTRY IN FRANCE”. The speaker for this presentation is Miss Florence Julienne, a fashion journalist for Fashion Daily News, a professional fashion magazine in France.
Before the seminar, we had our lunch at Solaris. Ole Ole Bali.

On vacation mood ya. Lee Wee, me & Celine.

Cucumber RM 11 & Lemongrass Mojito RM 11
Avocado Shake RM 10

Nasi ayam bertutu RM 25.00

Anderson: Everyday like this.. aii how good desu.

Nasi Campur Beef RM 33

Nasi Kambing Bumbu RM 26

Chicken & Chips RM 23
Nasi Ayam Goreng RM 25

Can we have more seminar? We love outing :)

Flower blooming around my finger

Can you guess what is that?
Is a double ring. (forever 21). RM 29

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to Lee Wee

This morning, we plan to have a surprise day to Lee Wee. Last min decorated a cake. Muffin, swiss rolls & some sweet strawberry.

Happy Birthday Lee Wee.
Live your life to the fullest.

I care, that's why I ask.

Gonna attend seminar later noon. Pu leather jacket (zara kids).

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kao - Liese

I have a frizzy, puffy and dryness hair.

My friends even new friends will say my hair look like a wig.

Cause is too thick.

I'm those kind who dislike to do treatment at saloon. I can't sit still for an hours.

How good if is a product that can flatten my frizzy FUR.

Kao launched a range of styling product - Liese. Get attraction by their cute packaging.

What hair style you are in today?

Hair mist with moisturising and berry senses.

No more smell terrible after clubbing or Korean BBQ. (Rm 32)

Hair Cocktail.

A serum that can smooth and nourishing your dry & frizzy hair. me..meeee (RM 32)

Smooth Hair Cocktail. For tangles hair.

Designing Jelly. To style or enhance your hair style's product. The packaging is cute.

Is like a giant bottle of nail enamel.

Wave up foam for curly wavy hair.

Clear Cube Wax. Non sticky feel to create any look without weighing hair down.

Bubble Hair Color. In foam type. Seem easy & fun. Have more then 10 color to choose for.

Bought the Hair Cocktail Serum. The smelling of peach is yummy.

It contains Peach leaf & Prune extracts.

The anti-frizz oil & nourishing water layering.

Shake it.. Applied it evenly on both dry & damp hair.

Enjoy the smoothness.

For me. This is really help my frizzy n dryness hair.

The hand feel is smooth. My hair not like bloom anymore.

Today, I blow my hair dry without any comb.

Monday, June 14, 2010

You cheers up my Monday

Piece of new thing can cheers up our day. Don't you think so?

Step into the rain with a lux rain boots.

Window shop pass by Burberry Shop. Something attracting my eyes. Walked in have a try.
And it belongs to me now. :)

Is a raining boots. I luv boots. A styling accessories to added.
I bought a Red leather trimming. It also have a Yellow leather trimming. RM 925

Friday, June 11, 2010

Military Me

Luv the style of tough mixing soft. Tonight gonna meet my honey :) Velvet jacket (uniqlo-Japan). Laces skirt (topshop). Heels (Taiwan).
P.S: The first pic, I was telling. Stomach pain. faster~~

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Feeling cool.

I'm always true to my friends. Don't wish to hiding anything. Please letting me be myself.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The world most easier job. Wanna join?

I did a thing that never happen in past.
I almost cred out in last meeting.
For me, meeting is a place to sharing ideas, discussion..
For someone, meeting is complaining each others..
And might be some others is a time wasting..
I love my job. I always have passion on it.
But this time ( after many many times), I really feel lost.
I don't might to do extra things.
But not feed the food to your mouth.
Everybody have their job scope.
If you don't have that talent please set your self off.
I pray for God. Please bring me out of here.
I don't wish to become like them.
I don't wish to have a negative thinking as them.
I don't wish to yell at people when in meeting.
This is such a awful thing.
I just wanna do the best thing in my work.
Visual Merchandiser=What you need, I just go n buy. You want curtain, what colour? I go n buy.
The world most easier job.
Wanna join?

Presentation Day

1st June 2010. Have a presentation later. Good luck~ Denim vest (Taiwan). Floral skirt (kitcshen)