Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Polka on Leg

As seductive as possible and as practical as necessary. Tights with subtle polka pattern.

Have been searching lotsa place. Got a pair at Klcc (Isetan). But the polka dot is not that obvious.
Nice matching with casual denim style.

Wanna know my mood? Look at my style, it will tell..

28th October 2009. Floral tunic (fashion supermarket-mid valley). cropped denim (gap).

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wanna know my mood? Look at my style, it will tell..

27th October 2009. Gonna have a rushing day to complete my work before my trip. Gambateh!
Top (topshop). Shorts (mng). Fury cardigan (laura ashley).

Monday, October 26, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

Wanna know my mood? Look at my style, it will tell..

23rd October 2009. Feeling hard to passing this whole week. Is Friday!! Boy blazer (zara kids).
Black sequin heel (brera).

Wanna know my mood? Look at my style, it will tell..

22nd October 2009. Luv the foxy fur bag from Coach. Is a F/W collection on 2006. The only piece in Malaysia.

Company Annual Dinner 2009

Poney's 1 st Annual dinner & 17th anniversary. We are excited when received the internal mail from HR. Cause management wanna each department to have 2 performance. Mean while, all worries bout the dress code. Red carpet? Should it be like the celebrity's on those Grammy award? lol

We are allowed to off earlier on that day. I had booked Miu, my hairstylist at hair atelier. Discuss with her what style i wanna. She started to work it... pro~

Makeup by Shu Umura - Sandra. Luv her makeup style. I wanna a light one this time.

Tada~ my pinkie gown. Fairy tale look ya~

K.K Wong the host. He is real funny.

Celine, Yuen ( does she look alike Lisa Wang? the H.k actress) & me.


Harn Ling

Jess (wah~ I cannot recognize her when first saw)

Lee Wee

My partner - Anderson

Sharon (my ladies boss). She look alike mermaid.

We again~

Yusri. He got his own style.

Aisk ~ This is real funny. Yusri lead us to have this welcome dance. See ~ Untie beside me real enjoying.

Ms. Gong Li from China.

21 years old, 175cm height, Body measurements: 36”, 24”, 38” Wants to be an action movie super star in Bollywood!

Ms. Ju on from Korea.
18 years old, 160cm height, Body measurements: 40”, 40”, 40”.
Wants to be an actress in Dai Cheong Kum part 2

Ms. Angelina from Brazil.
19 years old, 170cm height, Body measurements: 36”, 24”, 36”.
A Top Dancer in Brazil.

Ms.Nanak from Thailand.
A Night Club Dancer, from Bangkok, Thailand. 150cm height, Body measurements: 33”, 24”, 33”.

Ms. Sabrina La Timi from Venezuela.
190cm height, Body measurements: 38”, 26”, 36”. “She” is 18 years old, a Super Model.

Ahem ~ of course those handsome guy to cling beside them.

The shows MC. Zoe. You are bravo!

Zoe: “Hello, Miss Gong Li”
Miss Gong Li: “Hello Zoe, hello Mr Albert and Sharon, da jia hao..”
Zoe: “Congratulations to you that you have come to the final five, and here is your final question: Do you think that you deserved to be crowned as our new Miss Universe 2009 tonight, and why?
Miss Gong Li: “Sure!!! I deserved to win the new Miss Universe, because I’m pretty, sexy, cool, I can dance, I can sing ‘twinkle.. twinkle.. little star’, I’m the best in China and Malaysia.”

Ms. Gong Li's performance ' Rojak Chinese Kung Fu'. ( kung fu Pandan?) lol

Zoe: "who do you think is the most handsome guy at Poney?”
Miss Ju On: “That would be Mr Albert (our Boss) for sure!!!”
Ms. Ju On showing her catwalk. ( for me is more like Ah Sou morning walk in market)

Miss Angelina: “Ola!!”
Zoe: "Hi Miss Angelina, which part of your body do you love the most tonight, and why?”
Miss Angelina: “I think it would be my butt!"

Wow!!! She's really hot. Performance a hot dance from Beyonce's single lady.

Zoe: "Hi Miss Nanak, which part of your body do you think it’s the most sexy tonight, and why?”
Miss Nanak: “That would be my legs!! Look at my legs!!! So sexy!!!” (tear the stocking & showing her bulu bulu). Zoe: “Wow!! That’s so pretty!!

Song singing....

Ms. Sabrina La Timi showing her catwalk. (like ghost)

I will now annouce to you the new Miss Universe 2009.
Ms. Angelina from Brazil.
Ms. Angelina will be given a RM100 million check, and a limited edition Mercedez-Benz
Happy Ending by cycling a round.

In just 10 days time. We manage to prephare those gown, wig, script, idea, music, props. Feeling proud of you all. In just 2 short times rehersel. We manage to step on the stage by showing this performance. It's really a 100% in all our heart.

We did it!!

On that night, they do have a best dress award. On stage are the 10 finalise choosing among from 200 workers.

Look who's the winner - IS ME!

After all those hard work. We deserve it. We won the best performance is first place.
Cash RM 1000.

Best dress award for me. RM 500.

The most thing we deserve is FUN. And found out our guy's colleuge really have a talent to be ladies. Especialy Anderson. You are so much hot.
Cheers for us~