Monday, April 27, 2009

Earth Day

If we love ourself, our family, our beloved one. Then we should love our EARTH at first. This topic has been surrounding us long time ago yet many of us doesn't care bout it.

My favorite~I use to sell off my clothes to my dear friends. Thanks for them to let my wardrobe always keep updated.
Me pass this. Hurray

This is bad. Pet bottle can cause cancer if expose to sun light. Please get a proper bottle as the water container.
Me pass on this.

Aisk.. this a bit headache. Every time we end a session of collection. I sure had a book of yellowpages under my table. All is admend copies.
Im fail on this.

Gosh! I have a serious nose sinus. I can't live without tissue. Will try to use handkerchief.
Really fail . sad

Since long time ago, i used to ta pao my food by my own self Tupperware. But recently seem lack off. Gonna practice it back.
Fail too.

Refashion. Let's DIY on own used clothes.. is fun. I love to cut my tee's shorter and wear it as outer layer. Long sleeve to sleeveless..
I love it. Meaning.. i'm pass

Fully support on it. Please use our own recycle bag to shop things. Hate people who buy a small thing and still need to pack in plastic bag. Put inside your own bag pls!!
I use paper bag as my dustbin bag.
99% pass me.

Join me to save our Earth. Never been late if we start to act now. Cheers.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wanna know my mood? look at my will tell.

25 april 2009. Mash day, brought him to Ikano for shower. Attraction from lotsa people. Is Mash not

Wanna know my mood? look at my will tell.

24 April 2009. Fitting lil model at klcc, they are so cute. Took out the long cardigan is another style for after work.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wanna know my mood? look at my style..It will tell.

21st April 2009. As casual as can. Today will work as packer in fair. we wanna fight for target..

Friday, April 17, 2009

Wanna know my mood? look at my style..It will tell.

Buyer meet up, fitting for lil model this evening. K ssesion at nite. My friday's plan.
17 April 2009. Sunny morning. Smart casual city look. A leather jacket always the best companion.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My ever earlier b'day present.

Back from Japan on last friday nite. Can't wait to see the sunny Saturday, pet shop inform me, there's a new poddle came in. Early morning went down and wait the shop to be open. How urged i'm. Bad new i got.. the poddle has been sold when i was in Japan. hmm....was telling myself, i need to get a puppy by today. Straight drove down to Ikano - Pet Safari.

In heart thought to get a long coat Chihuahua. But they only have 1 short coat Chihuahua in selling. My heart was dissapointed...
Sudden a lil one catching me eyes sign. That's a lt. peach Pomeranian, lotsa peoples looked at him & praise. He just like a cotton candy with a cuties face. A notice on the glass,:

Pomeranian 3 months, Male. Sire-Philippine's Champion. Show Quality Pet. ONLY serious buyer on price requesting.

Don't even had a doubt in mind. Asked the worker carry him out to show me.. Guess what. Fallen in love with him.
My new companion- Marshmallow Aka Marsh

P.S/: William present it to me as my birthday pressie.. I get shock. cause is the ever earlier b'day present i had. Thanks DD.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wanna know my mood? look at my style.. It will tell.

Rainning morning. Is cold. Tireness cause did't slept well & work late last night.

15 April 2009. Sweetness cross sneaker. *-*

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Short note from Lys - April,May

April, May.. gonna be a buzy'ng month. Fashion's week, fitting for lil model, preparation for summer's shooting, buyer from reunion island, gonna do lotsa preparation for presentation, Seminar from WGSN.(finally our company agreed to sign it). Drawing for next year summer's. Like a Lego, stack by stack....

No doubt pack with work schedule, i still will squeeze out the time for myself & family & friends. Enjoy the time hang out with friends for a chat, Miss my hennesy, always wanna bottoms up. Enjoy a warm dinner with family. Can't even lack of any one.

This whole week, i'm not going back to have a dinner. I HAD FULLY

Guess what, waiting for my next soul's changer. Redang Island with my honey on mid May.

Dare to dream for our life.. xoxo

Monday, April 13, 2009

Wanna know my mood? look at my style.. it will tell.

Lunch & Dinner appointment with my dear friend before i fly to Jap.
1st April 2009. Im a ladie.. Im so gentle.. Pls pamper me.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Im back..

Dear Friends~
Im back from Japan.
Will post up some nice pic sooner
See ya~

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Birthday To Yuki

あの星をごらん 君を守る光
まだ もみじのような手だった頃

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to you!

やがて夢を抱き 人を愛して

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to you!

Wanna know my mood? look at my style.. it will tell.

March 31st 2009. Last day of March. Feeling relax'ng. summer is coming.

Japan's Closet

Finally.. done my packing for Japan trip. Here's the pcs gonna in flight with me.

I will fly to Japan on 2th april.. (tomorrow nite flight'). Battle in my wardrobe last night for the mix & match. Not much i'll bring, will matching it wisely. The rest gonna shop there...

My jap' friend told me, they are now waering shorts and skirt, and is rainning session.

I will only choose my wooly red coat if is really cold.

Looking for a ~
*Gladiator Heels, hope to get it there. A nice pair..
*Boy size Blazer in light col. (i got a black col. in wardrobe)
*Hat, hat, hAt...
*Hairband w big bow. (kinda hito now)
*Vintage stuff. (watches)
*Lotsa accessories.
*Lovely souvenir for lovely friends.

Ops.. dun't forget i have to do survey for my company as well.. Packaging research.

Share more photo when i back.

*^_^* jar neh~