Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wanna know my mood? Look at my style, it will tell..

27th Aug 2009. I'm such lucky. Yesterday thought of try my luck on my new car's num. So, my first time buy Magnum. My dad called me this morning, said my num plate is on special prize. wahaha. Omg~ Omg~
Same time. Old car's num yet is my b'day's date in on ToTo. Gonna treat my dear co-mate for a lunch later.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Celebration of 30's Birthday

Is my day, finally. 30's celebration. I'm glad to have a bunch of friends to be with.
Fulfill with my life, i luv my family. I have a great career. Thanks god to always be with me.

Evan - She is my ex-comate. We use to hang out for clubbing last time.
She is pretty, can drink well, sing well... Overall, fun to be with.

Celine - Sitting next to me. She is my partner. We work together, plan together.
She is tall. Luv to criticize people. haa. Cause she is perfectionist.

Yuki - My best friend ever since my first job. She is cool, emo type.
Luv travel. Still single.

Ling Ling - I met her since primary school at standard 4. We luv shopping luv fashion.
We can spend up a few hours for chit chatting.
Juli - My college mate. Pretty, smart. Having a wonderful family right now.

Janice - Fun girl to be with, everywhere with her sure a laughter there.

Bok - My close guy's friend. He luv to mix around with gal'.
Luv movie, food, fashion. Almost everything.

Kelvin - Enjoying a high prestige life i guess. Luv watches luv Koreans gal, lol.
Always bring me for a good food.

Patrick - Ex-comate. Nice guy, he is caring & sentimental i guess.
He is the one who always sent me the longest sms.

Lee Wee - Current co-mate. Once crazy can be real 38. When is serious,
better stay away from him. He will bite. lol

Me, Evan & Falco, he is Evan's hubby. Smart guy.

Clubbing pretty darling - Mel, Aika, Kylie & Grace.

Kok Wai - Hair stylist of mine's.

Kelvin & Brand. Buddy buddy..
Brand - A nice,humorous guy. Luv to help people. Easily get around with stranger.
Kelvin - Kinda humble in person. Gal's favourite.

Cream of forest mushroom with truffle chantilly

Scallop foie gras
Pan seared scallop sandwiched with foie gras on pickled pumpkin, topped with onion marmalade.

Lime sorbet with orange zest

Grilled peppered sirloin
Served with roasted garlic mash, sautéed spinach, sweet potato chips and porcini gravy

Seared Cod fillet
Served on aglio olio fettucini, poached asparagus, mushrooms and coriander miso hollandaise

Confit of herbacious lamb shank
served with risotto topped with beans and sage buerre noissete

Green tea and jasmine bavarois
with ginkgo nuts, candied long gourd and blueberries.

Rainbow Cassata
Three layers of ice cream served with pistachio

coated lychees strawberry and chocolate sauce

Ling Ling & Lee Wee are the winner. I gave them Marc Jacob's Parfume.

William - He gave me my bitrhday eve to celebrate with my close friends.
Brand - As my helper for collect cake and baloon. While that time i was dressing up myself.
Bok - My photographer, thanks for those nice photos.
Yuki - She is the one i told first. We thought of lotsa idea for this party.
Of course for friends who sent me sms, cards, ecards..Do Apperiatce.