Friday, October 29, 2010

Sincerely wishing : All the best.

Today, is my last working working in Poney.
This is the longest job I been in. 3 years.
Compare previous for just 1 year +.
I knew I have the passion trough this company.
Let me tell you what is my job scoop...
I'm a kids wear designer in Poney. (Malaysia's leading kids wear) ;).
We have 4 designers. 2 ladies & 2 guys. I'm doing it in girl's collection.
We planning 1 n half year ahead on every session.
We create a theme, colour way, design searching, silhouettes drawing.
We doing work sheet, detailing sheet on almost 100+ design on every session.
We enjoying at back stage by doing fashion show, shooting..
We rushing and pass on time on every collection.
Nothing can beat us down.
I'm proud.
We always the best partner ever.
We been trough some arguing,
but not keeping in heart.
Sincerely wishing : All the best.
My working desk.

Designer team & Sharon.
(From left) Anderson, Nicole, Adelle (who replace me), Lee Wee
(Front) Sharon (the ladies boss), Me & Celine.

Designer team & Merchant team.

Lastly, a precious gift I received from you all.
is proudly to be invited as in
Charity Children's Fashion Show
Date: 2nd November 2010
Time: 4.30pm
Centre Court, Level 2 Pavilion K.L
I will be there to see my last graduation assignment. lol.

Simple always

Blouse - Mooie Newly
Skirt - Mooie Newly
Blucher - Topshop
Bag - Carlo Rino

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

What they wear

Can you hear me?

This is the last week for me as a designer in this company.
Feeling lost? Ya. a bit.
Feeling sad? For sure.
I gonna miss the early morning chit chatting.
All the story sharing that happend on weekend.
Gonna miss the time chasing when we rush for an assignment on every session.
All the "F" words we complaining.
And yet we had go trough it all the times.
After this, I will be alone.
Alone in the morning,
Facing my lappie on line.
Alone on lunch,
No idea what to eat.
.. .. .. .. ..
No worries,
I told myself.
Plan it.
Plan to study back my Japanese course, guitar course..
Gain back some knowledge.
Learn to be enjoy alone as last time.
Save more time to my family, to my pets.
Lately, I'm not that cherish.
Whatever in my heart that I can't share here I will digest myself.
" I'm not your pet that let you leash tie. This is not the way to Luv a person"
Be with me please.. as I need you now.

Tutu's Monday

If you Luv Monday, you gonna Luv everyday in the week.
Long T' - Unbranded Newly
Tutu Skirt - Japan bought Newly
Socks - Topshop
Shoes -Naf Naf
Bag - Coach

P/S: Tutu skirt is great to be under layer as your dress is too short. :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Zebra on me

Knitted top - Gap kids Newly
Denim Short - TRF
Bag - Zara
Fur Boot - Taiwan bought
Ribbon Clip - Japan bought

Back to School (i wish)

Floral beret - Zara
Laces top - Forever 21
Knitted cardigan - TRF Newly
Satin short -MNG
Fur bag - Unbranded
Flat - Taiwan bought

You need a pair of high knee socks.

Took out Spring session wooded clog & pair with a high knee socks. Transforming into Winter feel.
Dress - zara
Feather vest - MNG
Bag - Coach
High knee socks - zara
Wooded clog - Taiwan bought

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Luv The Way I'm

If you luv me, Pls luv the way I'm.
Fur beret - Zara Newly
Singlet top- Gap
Knitted cardigan - Gap
Denim - Pull & Bear
Necklace - Forever 21 Newly
Bag - Uniqlo (Hong Kong)
Blucher - Topshop