Monday, December 20, 2010

After so long.. ..

Is really been a while I never update any posting on my blog. I'm now sitting at the cafe with my early Christmas present - iPad by doing this posting. After quitted from my job..I been so free.. .. .. Yet feel boring sometimes, Need to fil up myself with tons of planning, So, I had.. Sign up for a gym club.. But seldom go. Selling my second hand clothes.. Good respond. Catch up with some old friends which jobless too.. Lol Sit at home for watching episod.. Slept half way most of the time. Bring my mom for a shopping.. Day dream.. Spa, pedi and manicure.. Got a new pal named Rudolph a Husky.. Meaning another poo I have to clean. Again back town from holiday from My home Penang.. .. .. ..etc.. .. .. And of course I been searching for a job hardly. Christmas is coming, May this warming session will bringing happiness any full of joyful To all of u. See ya on the next posting. Miss Xoxo