Monday, November 30, 2009

Tokyo with Jing

Bought her new realease book at Kinokuniya. A journey bout her at Japan. Lotsa nice pic.. :)
One of my x'mas present in list.

Wanna know my mood? Look at my style, it will tell..

30th November 2009. Checked shirt dress (pull & bear). Boots (dr.martens-hk).
Year end soon...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wanna know my mood? Look at my style, it will tell..

26th November 2009. Snap pic at my desk place. Thanks for Zoe.
Top mini dress (forever 21). Lace skirt (seed).

Christmas is around the corner.

Pavilion. 26th Nov 2009

Today, bla bla..

I over slept this morning ~
seldom happen in time.

After work we all gonna have a buffet dinner at KL Hilton.
As a reward for our great Miss Universe 2009 performance on the Annual dinner.
We won 1K....
So~ organize a buffet dinner to celebrate our joyful achievement.
Btw, gonna celebrate our boss's belated birthday too.
Have a great day!
HUG u all

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wanna know my mood? Look at my style, it will tell..

25th November 2009. Awaiting for the weekend. I wanna a rest.
Velour jacket (uniqlo-Japan). Black top (topshop). Mustard yellow skirt (forever 21)

Monday, November 23, 2009

張芸京. Luv her

First saw her on TV. I was stone till the end show. How can this gal be so good looking then a guy. Started to searching her stuff. Knowing her first album was release yet i can't get it. Thanks Chris bought me her first album when I'm back from Hong Kong :) HUG

英文名Yun Jing
喜好的音樂類型:流行、R & B、搖滾、藍調、宗教音樂
喜愛的偶像:jason maraz
喜愛的藝人、團體、導演、設計師或創作者: Hoobastank,Ballycotton,Five For Fighting,Steve Vai.......等等太多.....
Zhang-Yun-Jing(Traditional Chinese: 張芸京) (born September 6, 1983) is a pop singer from Taiwan. In 2007, She took part in the first season of “Super Idol”, which is a famous singing contest, and won. She is best-known for her androgynous appearance and incredibly wide vocal range. On May 8, 2009, she released her debut album “Unprecedented”(破天荒), and successfully topped 9 different album charts in Taiwan. Before stepping into the music industry, she worked as a graphic designer. She also had a band named “PenSauce”(筆醬), which was formed in 2006. In the band, she was the vocal and the guitarist. To pursue a solo career after becoming the winner of Super Idol, she left the band circa October 2008.

In the 破天荒 MV. A shoot that she is wearing a wig. Pretty still.
The pic i luv the most. Think she is more handsome & stylo then a real guy.

Browse her:

Gucci To Benefit UNICEF

'Snowman In Africa' book. Author and illustrator, Michael Roberts. Gucci will donate 100% of the retail price of the book to UNICEF from 11/16/09 through 12/31/09

Coin purse with snowman and elephant print

Wristlet with snowman and elephant print

'Joy' medium boston bag with snowman and elephant print and D ring detail

'Joy' medium boston bag with snowman and snake patchwork on front, snowman and giraffe patchwork on back, and D ring detail
Every year end, Gucci will sharing the joyful moment with UNICEF. This year collection is the snowman & those animal. 25% of the purchase of this collection will be donate to UNICEF. And a certificate copy for you to keep.Get branded with a sharing heart.
Why Not?

Wanna know my mood? Look at my style, it will tell..

23rd November 2009. Monday Monday Monday. Do hope there's a lil surprise to me later. :)
Satin short (mng).

Wanna know my mood? Look at my style, it will tell..

19th November 2009. Warmer day. Raining season. Feeling myself at home with a cozy wear.
Long sweater (hong kong). Inner long T (bossini). Sneaker (converse-hong kong).

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hong Kong Sourcing Trip November 2009.

Sourcing trip to Hong Kong this time we fly with MAS.

In flight me, with a puffy eyes.

Always luv the in flight meal. See~delicious isn't ? Salmon with cream sauce.

Anderson's nasi lemak set. Kinda weird he order this. NASI LEMAK always here in KL. pls..

Out from airport. All the way back to hotel allocate at Kowloon.

Everybody was in hunger. Sharon brought us to have a great dinner here. This Tai Ping Koon restaurant is almost over a decade.

The famous dish. Fried beef ho fun.

Smoke pork chop rice.

Portugese BBQ pigeon.

Sofuli (spelling by Lee Wee). Is a dessert which only egg white and sugar. First in mouth is soft like a cotton candy. Eat more feeling geli~~

Great dinner we have at the first night. Thanks Sharon.

After some sourcing at mall, we stop at the famous dessert shop. Their mango blended is yummy.

Work hard play hard~

Pubbing area just opposite our hotel.

Breakfast at the Char Chan Sat. My set-chicken chop set.

Celine's set-fish fillet.

A mosque behind us. At Nantha Road.

Pretty people with a nice view.

This photo was snap in a shopping mall call Habour city center.

Lunch time, wondering what to eat? Pizzahut at the sea side.

This pizza gonna cost HK198 = RM 90 over.

Night view when walking back to hotel. This whole street is seeling branded watches.

Shopping while working.

Another famous dessert house. The sweet dynasty.

Crispy spring roll.

Must try-Tau fu fah in a wooded. Gonna share with 4-6 person.

Nothing much to snap on the thrid day. Doing sourcing from morning till evening. Met up supplier at the nite time for dinner. She brought us to this retaurant. Gosh I lost some pic while loading up at this part. :(

Rosted goose. Treated by supplier. Thanks to DORA.

Fried rice.

A walk to Lan Kwai Fong. The pubbing area. Making me missing of Hennesy.

The day we gonna back to Malaysia.

Celine & me.

Agian, my luv meal in flight. Forgot what is that. :P

I bought lotsa things back from Hong Kong. But the most is my daring Dr. Martens with 14 holes in gold col. Cost RM 600.

People, don't think our woking trip is gonna fun as travel. Photos showing are the enjoyed part. When work, we really full force in. Anyhow how, we really back will full. lol.