Saturday, January 3, 2009

MIca miCA

Mica, my new pet neh~~ A toy poddle in brown. Male. Born in 26th oct 2008. I was looking for a toy breed puppy long time ago. since i alredy hav a medium size Bischon, medium large husky and now.. here i found him. Imagine~~he is smaller then a 500ml's mineral bottle.
Few days ago,i was carry him out in my tote bag to shopping, office.. everybody say he is kinda quite n adorable. Just like a plush toy.

Yet, started from yesterday nite, when i keep him as usual at night time. He bark(yell) like hell for bout 15 mins. lol. Midnight another round. Gosh.

Hope he can adapt sooner for staying in cage.. no more song singing.

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