Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm suffering with it.

Ever since childhood, I have been suffering from Asthma. My mom say cause by cat. Cause neighbour's cat always hang around in front our door. And i used to sat there played. Think I been eaten cat's fur. lol..

Been attacked a serious Asthma twice. First time was when I'm in standard 3, stayed with my grandma in Pangkor. I can still remember it clearly. I can't even talk or laid down on bed. My best friend sat beside me & keep talked with me, I just can nob my head. I can't lay down, the oxygen seem cannot pump up.You know what cause that serious? a slice of orange. I have no ice-cream, watermelon, soft drink, cold drink in my childhood time. And till now, I'm still control it.

Second attacked was when I'm in college time. I'm kinda stubborn when facing my mom. She keep scolded me assume me must drink something cold. She don't even know that weather also might cause it. I suffered for 2 days, force myself not to consult doctor. Until the 3rd night, I told my mom I cannot breath well. Immediate my dad sent me to hospital to inhaled the oxygen.

Thought I'm recover after it. But recently, feeling it came back again. I'm quite worrying, I will take good care~

My inhaler always in my bag, drawer at home.

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