Friday, March 26, 2010

Luv Mi ; Luv us

19th March 2010. Sammi Luv Mi concert held at Arena Genting.
We bought the package cost RM368 included 1 night stay in Theme Park Hotel with the ticket cost RM 160.
The hotel room is clean BUT.. a bit lousy. lol. Is not really in the Theme Park Hotel.
Is link to another building which look a like an abandon building, lol... so,
need not to shoot the ugly room to show ya.
We had a great time. We shout together, high together.
We do get to know the front row people. she helped us to snap pic. haa.
Thanks Sammie (our new friend's name).
Sammi look really stylo. Luv her every style on stage.
Always my icon.
Luv Sammi.

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