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Shopped Till left 2 Cents - Taiwan

Self Tour Taipei Shopping Trip

6th - 11th May 2010

Last year shopping trip was at Japan. This year same companion Ling, she suggest to Taiwan-Taipei. This is my first visit to Taiwan. Plan it in urge. Took about a week to booked everything. From air ticket to hotels & place to shop.

Took Air Asia to fly with. Meaning we can save some flight cost on clothes. lolzz. more then 4 hours flight from Malaysia to Taiwan Tao Yuan Airport.

Is always fun to travel with Ling.

Reached Tao Yuan Airport around 3pm. The weather is just nice. Cooling a bit.

Go with 1 big luggage. Inner hide a small cabin size luggage. I guess is more then enough ya.

Booked this private cab earlier. Uncle Lee waited us at the entrance. From airport to Ximending. cost NT$ 1000=RM +- 100.

After checking in we went to have lunch. This is a must eat recommend in book. But I feel it just normal. Have a warm up shopping at Ximending area, which can find quite a lot of fashionable stuff in fair price.

This is cute shop that sell accessories. Inside they have a corner to let you snap pic.

Dumpling my favorite.

Breakfast at the coffee shop beside out stay.

Opposite our hotel is a cinema. Taiwan's movie ticket is slightly expensive compare to us. +- Rm 30-40

Due to those shop mostly open around 10.30am -11am. We shopped into their local pharmacy. COSMED. Ling get crazy when saw My dairy mask. Is must more cheaper compare to Malaysia. 2 boxes for only NT$ 370 = RM +-37. Ling grab 10 over boxes XD. I'm normal of course, 6 boxes for me n my mom, my sis. I spent Rm 500+ in there.

Took MRT down to Wufenpu. Whole noon there, only explore 1/4 of it. I grabbed 8 pairs of shoes here. Ling too. Clothes.. 10 over pcs. shopped till forgot to lunch. Tips to shop there:* Bring enough money. Thing is cheap here. Don't get regret if you didn't buy.*Get 2 or more to get cheaper price. *Bring a big bag to carry. * Clothes cannot try on. * Don't forget a comfy shoe to walk on.

Rouher night market.

Met PC there. She tours us around. Wanna say : Thank You PC. We miss you.

I'm still sore throat. But how can I resist those yummy food.

This husky cafe is just opposite out hotel. Hang out there for a drink & photo snap with their dogs.

I grabbed the husky cushion back (on top) & a T's .

This is tumbsss up. we passed by this small shop. Wondering why such a long Q. This yummy set for only RM 8.90.

Ling is queuing & I was sitting n waiting to eat. How bad am I. XD

Hello Kitty Dessert house. Ling's favorite. She insist we must go.

Cute interior and sweet dessert.

Average of those dessert cost RM 30 above with a free jelly and drink.

Like a G hotel's big orange '98'

Night view at 101 shopping mall.

New York New York shopping mall. Heard my friend say it gonna close down soon.

Korean steamboat. Serve by individually pan. With 3 side dishes.

Chill out time.

Took cab back to hotel. Tire.....

Move to hot spring resort at ShiBeiTou. AquaBelle. Our luggage is full when on 3rd day.

Warming n cozy interior with orange & wooded brown tone.

Hot spring pool in room. 6 min to reach the water level.

Out look Of the hotel at night. Opposite is a 7-eleven.

Eyes of Taiwan. 33rd floor higher of it. Locate at Melihua shopping mall.

We have plenty of time to shop around by waiting to check in to our last hotel in trip at 6pm. Played with this drawing kiosk for only RM5. It will printed out an A4 size drawing sheet.

Had our late lunch in the mall. Vicky's BBQ House. A buffect style BBQ. 2 person for only RM 49.

Variety of meat...


& source to choose by your own.

My picking. We are wondered where to cook cause there's no any BBQ equaiment on table.

ohh.... The shi fu there will help you to cook on this big pan freid thing.

Tada... yum..

Add on Rm 10 per person for a soup steamboat. Soup taste sour. They put in cabbage marrinated with vinegar.Stuff your food in pita bread. Eat it as u like.

Finaly out last hotel in trip. Sato Castle. Is a motel for couple eventually. haha

Really a castle look ya.The reception area. Drive thur ... lolz

This is funny. When out of lift. We thought our self was walk into wrong way. Wondered why we came into a store room area??This is a path for drive in CAR. Yes, they check in by drive in.

Our suite .. Opss.. Sorry as we need more privacy, we need to roll down the shutter.

Don't be suprise..

.. O_O.. our Cinderella Suite.Control unit for lighting, air-cond & stereo.

Can't go any where cause is raining at night. We had a foot massage at the Sato Spa. 2 for only RM99

This is really a shopping trip.

Before headed to Airport. We squeeze out some time for a wheel ride.

We choose a transparent cabin. 17 min to let us enjoyed on top of it.I miss K.L much.. I wanna home~

If you ask me: Do you luv travel? I will answer: Only Japan & South Africa. I luv planning, but not packing. I luv the excited mood while waiting to landed but not the mood when wanna fly home. But I certainly will back to Taiwan for a shopping again~

Here's some information for hotel booking: Very useful for hotel booking on every country with a reward for each booking you made.We stayed in Royal Castle Hotel at Ximending area. The hotel is a bit old fashion but have a friendly & helpful staff. .Hot spring mordern resort. A new experience for a motel living.

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