Monday, July 25, 2011

Retro + Laces

Scarf - Burberry

Blouse- Bangkok

Denim - Topshop

Flat- China

Bag - Bangkok

High waist denim is such a playful piece in wardrobe, no matter in long or short.

Luv the retro printed blouse I got in Bangkok.

Monday~not that blue anymore when many things come across.


Nate! said...

Hi! My girlfriend loves the retro look like you have. Usually she wears socks like these "slouch socks." I wondered are there any styles that go well with something like these? I want to surprise her with some but I don't know what they go with! Thanks!


Lyssa.K said...

Hi Nate.
U can match ur ankle socks with above knee lenght skirt with a pair of blucher. as...
Hope to see u bck~~

Nate! said...

Fantastic! Yes I think these pink ones would go great with that light blue skirt! Thanks so much!!

Lyssa.K said...

:) welcome most.