Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Think too much ...

Sitting alone at Starbucks with a bottle of Orange juice and doing some posting.
I'm jobless again...


Doesn't mean I'm lazy,
Doesn't mean I have no goal in mind,
And it doesn't mean again.
I don't wish to spend time doing those things that I don't like.
Work suppose to be enjoy,
I work for passion, this is the thing I'm always proud of myself.

Met up my dear friend last few days.
We been chatted bout LIFE, FRIENDS..
We have a same mind set,
Not willing just doing the same thing in ordinary.
We wish to live life to the fullest.
We need support from friends, a sincere friends.
No jealousy but envy,
No criticizing but suggestion,
No purpose but pure.

She said: our mind had been polluted. I agreed..
Why love can't be just L.O.V.E
Since when the pure love mix in with suspicion, unfaithful..
Can't we rewind back to the purest of us?
Lol.. I think I'm too free to think a lot.

Miss you all my friends.
Only for my sincere friends.
Will it be you?

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