Friday, July 24, 2009

Job done ; Job start

I had done my Summer 2010's assignment few minutes ago. Next week, gonna start a new task - Winter 2010'. From theme, mood, story search to colour way & designing. Normally this is gonna take 2-3 weeks times. But now, Ah ma (our ladies boss's nick) need us to show out on 3rd August. (meaning 1 week) XD.
And the SKU style is increase doubly start from winter 2010'. Imagine almost 100 designs that we gonna do for each season. We still need to draw in out in Illustrator, the embroidery, searching art work colour from Pantone, sample comment. Whole assignment is talk bout 4 months. Lotsa thing will be slot in like presentation, photo shooting, fashion show, ware house sale.. Kill me please~
Luckily i do have a strong passion toward my job. This feeling really help me to continue staying. Even sometimes we did complaint,we did feel tire need a brake.. At the end, we still surviving. Proud to say we (Celine, Lee Wee, Anderson & me) are survivor.
Let's come back to my winter tittle~
I have roughly in mind now. SNOW BRIGHT SNOW WHITE. What do u all think? hmm, i luv it. The whole mood & style still spinning in head. Gambathe!

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yuki said...

glad to hear you continue staying here. Best whishes in your career and take care!