Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Poppy Pop - Coach

New launch from Coach - Poppy collection. A big poster with a model hugging a silver shining sequin tote. It's really catching my eyes sign.
Sunday morning, Julian from Coach called me. She said i was been selected to be the lucky costumer to a small gift. Asked me to collect it at Coach Pavilion.
I went at noon time as my routine plan, feeling hysterical when saw the silver sequin tote hang on display. Julian told me this tote came in 2 size, on display is a small size, which big size had been sold. Came in just in 2 pcs as is a limited. I was upset a bit cause always luv the big size bag.
Well, mean time consider about the small size, Julian hand me a big box, saying that is the gift which i suppose to collect. I get shock, cause i was aspect a key chain or note book as i received before. Aha~ I open up & see is a large size Silver sequin tote. She was smiling looked a me. Immediate i knew.
Is a huge surprise from William.
Real touch~by his delicate sense that knowing i gonna luv it. Not the value, is the heart.
Thanks DD, what can i say more...

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