Friday, February 5, 2010

Miss the last time me

Wanna hiding myself. Damn emo lately. Scare to back home facing wall without communication.
Tend to cry at the night under my fleece. Feeling emptiness? Lost?
Telling myself that I still have Chloe & Yohji.
Their growing making me feel proud.
Their laughter cure my tiredness.
And I still have a praying in my heart.
Miss the last time me. So cheerful..
Can't type any of it.............


kiM said...

Cheer up dear! though i dunno what behind! but stay Cheerful and Happy k!

yes ur 2 kids are so cute u're a good mummy indeed! Gambateh!

Lyssa.K said...

Thanks... I will.You to gambate ya~ Hope can find a time to have a chat with you like last time when in shooting. Ask MIS to install you the MSN...

Jing Ling Ling said...
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Jing Ling Ling said...

Hope u happily everyday...
v all ganbahte together, k~


Lyssa.K said...

Thanks.Really need friends to support when feeling gray.><