Monday, February 8, 2010

Yohji's Birthday

Celebrated Yohji's 3 yrs old on Saturday night. A normal dinner with family with a huge cake from Coffee Bean which I ordered 3 days ago.

As keep luv Thomas & Friends lot. I can't find a one. This train consider a train even not with Thomas's face.. ahaha.
The coffee bean cake - 1.6kg/RM 130 (after taxing RM 136.50).
3 filing to choose - butter, choco & fruit cake.

Colourful candy on the train.

Even marshmallow... They luv it.

na~ he always luv to day dream in action.

Mama blowing candle with my boy. Hoping he gonna stay healthy and
growing up happily.

Time to grab those candy...

Chloe the kay po cheh cheh.

Halo.. can everyone look at me pls...

Thanks Brand kor kor for the pressie.


Irenelim said...

The train cake looks really delicate and nice!

Lyssa.K said...

but no so good in taste.. shhh