Friday, April 30, 2010

Another escape to Penang @ 2

Day 2
I love Dim Sum much. Early morning. I bb Bok. He recommend me Tai Tong Restaurant.
Searched on GPS and Go.....

Their Dim Sum is bigger then others..

nah~ my favorite. Fried lok bak.... with their special dip.

Famous lok mai kai

I spotted a muffin. Dim sum & muffin are friend?? Total bill RM 20+.

Headed to Kek Lok Si Temple.

Up to the hill by 'lift'.. Rm4 per pax. Or you can either choose to walk up hill.

The new Guan Yin Statue.

Pray for all..

Pray for the world peace. Yes. believe me. This is my every year Christmas wish.

Chris pray for.. All the best way

Koi Fish pond

This is a must eat place when u down to Kek Lok Si.
Famous laksa. RM 3
We forgot to snap the laksa's pic.. after finished will only realize.
Due to the weather is too hot. I asked her to go down & grab the sit.
And I was sat inside the car with air-cond. How bad I'm..

Chris ordered this.. er I forgot the name..
Cool down the spicy taste of the laksa.

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