Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another escape to Penang

I'm back from vacation on last week. Again~ I back to my hometown~Penang.
Never get bore, always miss it. My travel partner.. tada.. Chris. Since she got lotsa lotsa leave need to be clear, so, asking her to join me.
She never been to Penang. Hence, I plan to stay a bit longer. 4 days 3 nights.
Stayed in city and beach area. Wanna her to feel the 2 different Penang.

Day 1

Start our journey around 7am. Beside me is Chris.
?? Why my face so bloated one ?? Too early maybe , ahahah
I hate to snap pic with her, she like to hide behind me to cause my face like bread.
Chris, please ler..

Our breakfast, grab it at the rest toll.
We reached around 11.30am of course with GPS for the 2 road idiot.

Check into G-hotel. our deluxe room. With ample space.
Big bath room with sea facing bathtub.
Aigner amenities~~

Swimming pool view.

The most "handsome" pic of the trip. (She claim herself as)
We enjoyed the spa for 2 1/2 hours at Danai spa. ( G hotel). Great!!

Drive out thought our first stop gonna go to Queens bay Shopping Mall.
But we was too hungry
and get stop at the road side. Jalan Hutton for a Japanese lunch.
Kiss A Kototei.

I ordered this Hiyasi Chuka RM 18. Is a cool dish. The egg yolk is real tempting.
This is yummy, I just can say I miss it....
Chris's ordered. She love beef.. Buta Shogayaki lunch set RM 18.
Tamago Dashimaki RM18. Is big in size then the normal.
Cute ice-cream set. Wanna grab home~~
No. 148, Grd Flr, Jalan hutoon,
10050 Georgetown Penang.
P.S: Their waitress is cute in manga uniform.^^
Chris never get full always. We reached Queens bay Mall.
Straight away she bought a pearl pearl drink. This stall got a long Q.
Zoe (my co-mate) found a 'salah' wording on this.
'New paper'
not News paper meh she asked me.
Ahaha.. she ordered honey dew flavour.
Her face shows that: not suppose in green colour meh??
Everywhere also can shop. This is true for me..
Where she focus.. sigh~
Love this straw hat. I asked her to buy, but she doesn't love the colour.
Thought I can 'borrow' if she buy..
My head is too big or is my hair too puffy ler???
I never looks good on hat.
Park at the road side to snap snap pic.
Is windy~~ with a sea salty smell..
Back to hotel for a rest, dinner at Gurney drive for those delicious hawker food. Walked to Gurney plaza (just beside of G hotel) for a night show movie.


mr. pineapple man said...

yum! i enjoyed ur post!

Lyssa.K said...

Thanks.. Mr. pine, do come back n check out the day 2 ya~