Monday, June 21, 2010

A noon at Solaris

We have outing on last Thursday. A seminar at MATREADE.“FASHION INDUSTRY IN FRANCE”. The speaker for this presentation is Miss Florence Julienne, a fashion journalist for Fashion Daily News, a professional fashion magazine in France.
Before the seminar, we had our lunch at Solaris. Ole Ole Bali.

On vacation mood ya. Lee Wee, me & Celine.

Cucumber RM 11 & Lemongrass Mojito RM 11
Avocado Shake RM 10

Nasi ayam bertutu RM 25.00

Anderson: Everyday like this.. aii how good desu.

Nasi Campur Beef RM 33

Nasi Kambing Bumbu RM 26

Chicken & Chips RM 23
Nasi Ayam Goreng RM 25

Can we have more seminar? We love outing :)

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