Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The world most easier job. Wanna join?

I did a thing that never happen in past.
I almost cred out in last meeting.
For me, meeting is a place to sharing ideas, discussion..
For someone, meeting is complaining each others..
And might be some others is a time wasting..
I love my job. I always have passion on it.
But this time ( after many many times), I really feel lost.
I don't might to do extra things.
But not feed the food to your mouth.
Everybody have their job scope.
If you don't have that talent please set your self off.
I pray for God. Please bring me out of here.
I don't wish to become like them.
I don't wish to have a negative thinking as them.
I don't wish to yell at people when in meeting.
This is such a awful thing.
I just wanna do the best thing in my work.
Visual Merchandiser=What you need, I just go n buy. You want curtain, what colour? I go n buy.
The world most easier job.
Wanna join?


Jing Ling Ling said...

Lys, u r always d best...
don't give up, i will always b with u...
cheer up dear...

Lyssa.K said...

I wil do my best wht to do other then tht. haaa