Friday, April 8, 2011

My Playground Cafe

Is a hot sunny noon. Yuki (my new co-mate) suggest to have her farewell lunch at the playground. huh!! playground? Yeah~My Playground Cafe.

Simple yet clean enviroment with lotsa fun things that you can explore.

Yuki, she is friendly. But will leave us tommorow :( I just knew her for 2 weeks. Keep contact ya!

Cute pair of Green galssy bunny. And her buddy - Mr. Lizard at behind. Yuck!

Mr. Rex and birdie.

Kam and me. Another helpful co-mate.

Part of the corner which full of lil soft toys.

Fishes ~ Fishy

Me.. is me..

I had a new hair cut and color.

(New haircut? Don't think so, always is that mushroom look. Sigh~ But I luv)

"Staff' that serve you on counter

On wall

Luv this idea to use the stool upside down to lift the recycle rack as a book rack.

More to be upload.

*part of the photo was in Yuki's camera.

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