Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Japan's Closet

Finally.. done my packing for Japan trip. Here's the pcs gonna in flight with me.

I will fly to Japan on 2th april.. (tomorrow nite flight'). Battle in my wardrobe last night for the mix & match. Not much i'll bring, will matching it wisely. The rest gonna shop there...

My jap' friend told me, they are now waering shorts and skirt, and is rainning session.

I will only choose my wooly red coat if is really cold.

Looking for a ~
*Gladiator Heels, hope to get it there. A nice pair..
*Boy size Blazer in light col. (i got a black col. in wardrobe)
*Hat, hat, hAt...
*Hairband w big bow. (kinda hito now)
*Vintage stuff. (watches)
*Lotsa accessories.
*Lovely souvenir for lovely friends.

Ops.. dun't forget i have to do survey for my company as well.. Packaging research.

Share more photo when i back.

*^_^* jar neh~

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