Monday, June 1, 2009

Short note from Lys

Hate this May. Lotsa thing happened.

~Intend to tender my resign letter, get reject from ladies boss. I should feel glad cause she appreciate me. Thanks Sharon. And i do really luv my job. Some kind of reason making me had the thought to quit. Anyhow, still under consideration.
~2 friendship broke up. Don't know why. Having a big GAP with my honey. :( She will leave me next end. The other case, friendship=betray?
~Been busy & messy warehouse sale. Work from 9.45Am till 10.30Pm. 5 days in row. Break time just in 30Min. What a cruel management. SAD.
~Tiredness in mentally. Pimples break out.. lol.
~Stock take this Thurs & Friday. Yet work load is stacking like LEGO & need to meet dateline.

Nothing is impossible.

~Wish i can persuade myself to stay down & continue my job.
~Time will prove our friendship. I do hope.
~Had passed. No big deal. As my co-mate Zoe said: Stand long time can lost weight. lol
~Do facial. yeah...
~Is better then nothing to do. Take it easy.

Create happiness our self. Cheers.

P.S: Had a new hair cut yesterday. Will gonna bring a brand new month for me. Muack.

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