Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tiffany Keys

Window shop with my friend on last week, walked through T&Co, something catching my eyes.
A slim long silver chain with double keys on it. Like a magnetic..walked in and try it on.
Long time never have this feeling, luv in first sign. (always use this to discribe & always say long time never). Luv the actual size of the key, even my friend said is a bit bigger for me, but i luv those bold thing.
Mix and match the keys & chain to style you own. The above is the set i choosen my own. Very me. The gold vintage oval key is cost RM 3250. The silver cost RM 750. Silver chain cost RM 200. Total: RM 4250.
P.S/: Too costy for me. gonna save money to own it. Pls wait me.. my dear keys.

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