Monday, May 25, 2009

Break Out Nite~

23rd May 2009. Saturday night, after a full Korean dinner with my friend Kelvin. We headed to the Korean stage show which ticket had been bought 3 weeks ago. Although i been to kinda musical show before like Beauty & the Beast, Mamamia..
But this is totally different, the performer will actually get link and let audience participate with it. Before the show start, Kelvin told me that they gonna pick somebody up especially the front seat audience. He really frighten me up. Cause our seat is at the first row. I was pray GOD not to choose me. lol. LG do sponsor a 42" LCD TV for the lucky draw audience. How good~~
An instant box office hit in South Korea, this extreme dance comedy promises to entertain an audience of any age and culture. Since its 2007 opening show in Korea, Break Out has performed to international audiences in London, New York, Mumbai, Shanghai and Bangkok.
Break Out tells the tale of five clumsy convicts who long to taste the freedom that lies beyond the walls of prison. These five prisoners are inspired to plan a daring escape into the outside world when they received a mysterious and sacred text. The story is told in a form of a dance that adapts pre-existing dance moves and combines gymnastics, break dancing, yoga and martial arts moving to unparalleled DJ music – a performance as never before.
Break Out brings a new genre of entertainment that is refreshing with the B-Boy’s unimaginable free dance moves that pushes the limits of the body’s movements. Unlike other genres of dance, the moves are continuously changing and evolving allowing freedom of form that is refreshing and unimaginable. The hip-hop culture and influence in B-boying is apparent in the catchy movements of the dances, fashion styles and music, all of which are presented in Break Out.
Great news for penang's friends~
They gonna have 2 days show at Penang.
Date: 27th May & 28th May (Wednesday & Thursday)
Time: 8.30pm
Location: Dewan Sri Pinang
Surf it~
P/S. Thanks Kelvin for brought me to such great stage show. OPss and too bad i didn't bring my camera..

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