Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Moment~

The moment we met;
A warm smiling face from you,
Is clearly floating in my mind.
The moment we crash;
From friend to honey,
Is the fate of us.
No gap in between,
Our friendship is unique,
Our sharing,
Our story,
We are both a good listener.
A great soul healing.
I said you are like the youngest time of me.
The stubbornness in a way,
The loyalty in love yet over use.
The optimistic through life.
You said you wanna be alike me
when you are at my age,
Dare to dream
& go for it.
you always have my bless,
dream your life
go for it.
I do hoping to see you
on archiving
all your dreams.
We will apart after this while.
Promise me, think of me often.
And i'll do so.
P.S/: Our wallpaper-create by her. Janice.

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