Monday, May 4, 2009

Selfishness. W.H.Y?

The awful weakness of people - Selfishness.
W.H.Y can't they sharing?
Scare their knowledge learn by others?
Or they don't ever have knowledge?
Worrying others to know that, they are empty in shell eventually?

Please grow up. You are not the universe. You ain't the most talented.
Please wake yourself up. This is not the way you gonna survive yourself.
~ Sharing will only make us get improve. Nobody gonna steal your things away.
If continuing your selfishness ahead.
Gosh, you are the loser ever.

P.S/: for you my dear friend.


柔姬 said...

Don't let the selfish people leave in our heart for a long period, BUT the selfishness itself can stay as a warning, when we sometime get selfish.

Lyssa.K said...

Keep review back ourself..