Monday, August 10, 2009

What is your birthday' wishes?

{The eternally lovely Marilyn Monroe on her thirtieth birthday.}
I have lotsa friends which are Aug babe. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ya!
What's your wish for this year? Did the past birthday's wishes come true? Did we take any action to make it success? Some of us living with dream, some feeling fulfill. For me, dream with act will only make dreams come true.
No prediction for tomorrow, appreciate for today. Can we really make it?
Worry too much will only slow down our dream, yet too many dreamsss will spoil the whole plan.
I'm learning, still learning to live my life in perfectly.
I need all to complete my life. My friend say i might be selfish which wanna all. But who doesn't wish? We plan our own life. Life only once. Get sparkle! & to the max.
People who dare to dream & act will only enjoy their life.

My last year wish was to get a Mini Clubman in hot chocolate. But it fail. This year, again i search for another option. Cross finger that it will be smooth to get a prestige car for my 30's Big day.

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