Friday, August 14, 2009

Hajime Japanese Cuisene

Eringi Butteryaki RM 14.00
Hotatei Ninniku RM 16.00
Maguro Shoga RM 38.00
Unagi Kabayaki Set RM 48.00

Hajime Japanese Restaurant. This is only my second visit. Is a bungalow restaurant at Jalan Damai. Ample of car parking. Warm lighting and nice decor. I like the Eringi Butteryaki as appetizer. Is a wild mushroom cut in slice fried with butter. 1 plate for sure not enough (for me). The Unagi is really fresh. Yum..

I'm not a good food commenter, did't really know how to describe out the taste. But for sure you can see my face expression if you were eating with me. lol.

Oh~ we did order Kaisen Gyoza RM 20.00 & Wasabi Ice-Cream RM 10.00 (must try). My Leica was flat after snap the Unagi set. So, imagine it~

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