Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wonderful Gift From Wonderful Friend

A wonderful night met up with one of my best gal friend. Elynn. We knew each other 4-5 years back when worked together. She as Accountant. Me is Designer. A totally different character of us. She is hardworking, can really die for the company, like she also got the share holding in hand. She is save, think triple till over, pessimismist. We always can have a long chat, sharing story, exchange thinking.

She present me a pretty bracelet in pretty box as my birthday present this year. I do really hope she can attend my birthday dinner on this coming Saturday, but she can't make it. Is alright~I always had u in my list.

This morning i got her sms: Dono y. This morning i feel so recharge.Look forward to go on my life.Guess must the energy 'chi' from u. Haha.Tq. Love, Elynn :-*
Remember~ luv yourself everyday. HUG!

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