Thursday, March 19, 2009


I had sent back Mica to Dr.Chong on 6th March to let him take care of Mica. Hopefully Mica will get well soon. After a week i came back and visit him. I nearly can't recognize him. His eyes is red and puffy. still scratching his ear and body. From that moment i knew, Mica is not going to follow me home. After a slightly argument with Dr. Chong. I decide to exchange it. Cause i can't take care of him. Is better he is under caring by the vet. Dr. Chong say Mica will be sell off when he is cure.
On the 15th March. Mica not longer belongs to me. I miss him, till now i still..
Today night after dinner, i went n visit him at the pet shop. I saw him sleeping in the white cage. Hope he will find a better new owner to love him as me.

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