Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yuki~My Ever Sis

We met each other on our 22'. My second job. We get along well even we have a diffrent characteristics. I admit myself a moody person, yet she is more over then me. She really had a unique characteristics.
Yuki, do you still remember~Once,i back on half day because not feeling in well. You stick a small note on my chair, desktop, desk..asking me to take care, draw a small potrait of me. When i noticed it, i really get touched.
Our K session, just you, me & a cup of sharing tea. We sang, we recorded.
Our Redang breeze, just you, me & our luagage. We flew, we enjoy.
Our Japanese class, just you, me & our Okumura sensei. We learned, we shared.
We built memory, you are always on my mind.
Bless Our Friendship.

P.S: The poem she worte to me.

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