Monday, March 2, 2009

Voice from Heaven

Joanna Wang ~ A young ingenue singer/song writer.She was born in Taiwan but grew up in California, where she studied piano and jazz and idolised British and American legends like the Beatles and Billy Joel. Gifted with unique jazz vocals, who can imagine she's only 19'.
Compare to Norah Jones, Wang's have a soft , lighter voice;
Compare to Lisa Ono, there's totaly diffrent in style. Lisa Ono is kinda Bossa Nova.
I was introduced by a friend. When she's on vacation, relaxing in jazz lounge,surrounding by her voice. she had a voice that can touch your heart just in flash.
Lying on couch with starbuck hot chocalate, cover with fleece blanket in fully air-cord living room (tht's in my house), surrounding by her songs. That is the best way to chill...believe me~
P.S: Do support ORIGINAL. Cheers

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