Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When my Mica will be home?

I'm sad..
Mica (my toy poodle) has been hand over and stay with Dr.Choong since last week. His ear mites (Otodectes cynotis) and skin disease seem getting wrost. Most my friend ask me to return to petshop and exchange a new pup.. but in my heart is hard to do it. I would't let him off.

The more wrost thing is, my bichion frise old buddy-Bonna also get infected by it. Now wearing a plastic big collar to avoid him for scratching his ears. My heart is sob seeing his ears is less in fur. And his tummy is redness cause by skin infection, which get infected from Mica too. Every time i let him out from cage, he's sure follow my footstep. Now because of that collar is around is neck, he get hit on the table edge, wall all the time. He is under treatment, hope is help..

Marley & me. The movie, making me cry in the cinema. A hyper activeness Labrador-Marley. Spend his whole life happily with Gorgan's family. He die at the end-peacefully.

When Mica will be back? When Bonna gonna be cure?
Pray for GOD. Do hoping them will recover soon. And bring back our happiness..

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clarence said...

fast recovery for both of them ya ~