Thursday, March 19, 2009

My TY Collection

My collection for TY plush toys ever since i start to work. Some i bought, some from my beloved friends. It such a good memory when looking it all. I have 50 over doggies and also bear collection. I always like to throw all it out on floor like a small mountain then slowly clean them. Until now, I'm still searching the puppies which is my birthday date. 23rd Aug.

First tier~all kind of poodle in Black, Pink, Purple and White. Opss, there is a Leopard and Siamese cat mix it in. lol. The lower tier is Bear collection.

Second tier~The back row, mainly is Terrier.The green in front is cute, name Diddley,beside him is Cassie.

Third tier~The blue dog is like monster. Santa dogie bought on 2004 Dec. And my first real puppy Titus (Pug) is in front. (the third from right)

Tada~~My beloved one. Husky name Mukluk. He is the unique. Cause he as a different eyes colour. One side blue and another side is green.

I love you all, XOXO~

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